About Tim McFall

Early Years

Tim's earliest “business” memories include selling home grown cucumbers to neighbors when he was 9 years old. This first “job” gave him something to do and earned him a bit of cash. Without an allowance he had to earn his spending money. His parents provided him with a plot of ground and some seeds. Tim worked the ground to make the seeds grow and then sold the cucumbers using his little red wagon.

During 4th and 5th grade, Tim milked cows on the family's “gentleman farm.” He'd get up early and milk the cows before school. Tim would go to school, do sports and then come home and milk the cows again. After dinner, he'd do his homework and then go to bed so he could get up early the next day and do it all again. During this time Tim developed his strong work ethic, consistency and sense of watchful care.

In 6th and 7th grade, Tim picked pole beans in Eugene, Oregon. This was his first “real job.” He'd get up early every day and ride his bike to the field. Working til mid-afternoon, he'd pick 200 pounds of beans to make $10. The work was repetitive and monotonous but Tim found ways to make it fun. Many workers quit because it was hot and dusty work. Tim's goal was to work the whole season to earn the penny-a-pound bonus. He did this job for two summers and got the bonus both years.

Speech & Debate

Tim really enjoyed speech and debate during his high school years. His favorite event was Lincoln-Douglas debating where 2 students face each other for a fast-paced 45 minute debate. Tim learned how to organize his thoughts, how to think critically and clearly under pressure.

Tim learned early on that no amount of debate skill or quick thinking could overcome poor preparation. So Tim spent a lot of time in law libraries researching laws and getting evidence. Doing plenty of focused homework was key to winning debates. Tim employs these same skills today in researching the various investment products, assessing the multitude of tax rules, and integrating proper strategies given uncertain economic conditions.

Competitive debate also taught Tim to listen really closely to what his opponent was saying. Tim knew he could lose the debate if he missed a point so he became a very good listener. Tim's clients today appreciate his ability to really hear what they are saying and thereby understand what is truly important to them regarding their family's financial security, their concerns as well as aspirations.

Tim won many tournaments including his district championship and 3rd in state as a sophomore. The winner of a hundred yard dash is determined by a stopwatch. The winner of a Lincoln-Douglas debate is determined by the vote of a community judge. Tim won debates because he learned to explain complex matters in simple language. He exposed the twisted logic of his opponent's case and provided the judge with reasons why his case was superior. The judge then decided who won.

Today Tim listens carefully to his clients, researches and formulates suitable investment strategies, and carefully explains his recommendations in plain english. Then you, the client, make the final decision on how to invest your money.

College and Beyond

From age 15 through college, Tim worked as a busboy, then waiter. He enjoyed meeting new people, making menu suggestions and providing an overall pleasant dining experience. Tim learned that better service led to repeat business and better tips. And as a college student he appreciated every tip as he paid his own way through college!

During that time Tim's older brother, Dan, who already worked in financial services invited him to spend some “career days” to learn about the business. Tim saw first-hand how valuable financial planning could be. Tim liked working with people, was good with numbers, and enjoyed business. The financial services industry offered all three so he made it his lifelong career. Upon graduating from Oregon State University in 1985 with a business degree, Tim moved to Bellevue, Washington where he specialized in working with educators and employees of non-profit organizations with their retirement and pension options.

Tim worked his way with a financial services company as a representative, manager and trainer, but got frustrated when company policies and limitations began affecting what he could offer his clients. This caused Tim to become an independent financial adviser to better serve his clients. He then founded U.S. Capital Strategies, Inc.

During his first thirty years, Tim saw the Stock Market Crash of 1987, the tech stock boom years of the 1990's, and the debt bubble and banking crisis of the past decade. Through it all, Tim worked closely with his clients to keep them informed of options available to them and to help his clients navigate their financial futures.

Tim McFall's multiple designations include: Certified Financial PlannerTM Professional  (CFP®), Chartered Financial ConsultantTM (ChFC®), Registered Financial ConsultantTM (RFC®), as well as Certified Estate PlannerTM (CEP®). He is a member in good standing with each of these governing bodies. Tim is a Financial Adviser with his Broker-Dealer, Independent Financial Group, LLC., in addition to being licensed for annuity and insurance business in certain states.

Tim is an avid year-round boater and member of the Seattle Yacht Club. When Tim's away from the office he enjoys navigating his powerboat with his daughter, Natalie, in the many beautiful coves, bays, and islands here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.