A Disciplined Plan with a Long Term Perspective

At U.S. Capital Strategies, Inc., we strive to design an investment strategy that incorporates a realistic long-term perspective and that keeps you informed, up-to-date and on track. Invest in Your Future details step by step how our investment team will work on your behalf. We believe that the more you know, the better you will be able to maintain discipline throughout varying market environments.

Our approach begins with an understanding that the market has historically moved through long-term secular bull and bear market cycles, as the chart on this page illustrates. Simply put, there have been “sailing” markets when the prevailing economic winds drove strong Bull Market returns, as well as “rowing” markets when Bear Market headwinds and choppy financial waters required more active management.

We take these cycles into account along with your specific goals and risk tolerance. We typically combine asset allocation approaches and shift emphasis by overweighting and underweighting allocations as your needs and the markets evolve.  SOURCE: Crestmont Research and Bloomberg. Used with Crestmont Research’s permission (crestmontresearch.com). Crestmont Research, founded by Ed Easterling, provides secular market research to AssetMark. 


Stop doing the Wrong Thing at the Wrong Time:

Too often many investors are their own worst enemies.  Emotions can lead us to do the wrong thing at the wrong time.  The following graphic reveals the historic negative impact many investors put upon themselves for simply failing to recognize where they are on the Cycle of Emotions.  This can interfere with one's otherwise rational decision making process.




We incorporate diverse perspectives from multiple managers as appropriate for you. The ongoing evaluation of market cycles, examining asset allocation approaches and diverse manager perspectives is a process that will continue throughout our relationship.


Your Team: Assembled to Bring Great Capability to the Investment Process

Our team of professionals works together to help you meet your investment, retirement and family goals.  Each member of the team plays an integral part, focusing on a defined role and area of responsibility.  Together, the team brings substantial capability and expertise to each step of the process. 

Additionally, you may already have a trusted advisor such as your CPA or Estate Planning Attorney.  You should feel comfortable in knowing that we believe in encompassing the services of those whom you trust within our overall planning structure.  If you are in need of a competent CPA, TPA or Estate Planning Attorney, we have professional referrals available when appropriate.

As your Financial Advisor, we are here to guide you through every step of the investment process. As part of this process, we will assemble a team of professionals with expertise in investment management and specific asset allocation approaches, including professionals not typically accessible to individual investors. Together, we will work through our entire Six-Step Investment Process. This will provide us with a disciplined structure for implementing an investment strategy that is uniquely tailored for you.


The Six-Step Investment Process

1. Financial Analysis for an accurate, in-depth review.
2. Asset Allocation to align your risk tolerance with your goals.
3. Portfolio strategist selection.
4. Investment management firm selection
5. Monitoring your portfolio to keep you on track.
6. Reporting to keep you informed.

Before providing you with a recommendation, we need to fully understand your current financial situation.

Discovery WorkbookTogether, we will complete a comprehensive Discovery Workbook that gives a clear picture of your financial circumstances, challenges and objectives. In addition, we will discuss the following critical questions:

  • What are your investment goals?
  • What is your time horizon?
  • What are your liquidity needs?
  • What is your risk tolerance?
  • What are your investable resources?
  • What are your income needs?

Based on your answers to these and other questions, we will determine your appetite for risk as well as clarify reasonable expectations. This financial intelligence is used to determine which of six Risk/Return Profiles match your unique situation. Determining where you are in terms of risk and return is the foundation for moving forward. It sets the framework for our recommendations regarding which Asset Allocation Approaches, Portfolio Strategists and Investment Management Firms are appropriately suited to you.

You can download a Discovery Workbook here. Or call our office and we'll mail you a copy. Call us if you have any questions completing the questionnaire. You can fax, mail or email your completed questionnaire to our office. Once we've reviewed your questionnaire, we'll schedule an appointment to further explore your situation and begin to develop a strategy suited to you.


What's the Right Solution for You?

Investment Management Firms are responsible for selecting the individual securities that comprise your portfolio. The Investment Management Firms are carefully selected by your Portfolio Strategist(s) to implement their specific investment style, based on their performance relative to their peers and to asset class benchmarks.

Working with U.S. Capital Strategies, Inc., you have a wide range of investment strategies, according to your objectives, investable assets and Risk/Return Profile.

Regardless of the investment approach we ultimately recommend for you – and it may include Load or no-load mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETF's), unified managed accounts, privately managed accounts, annuities or insurance – you have the confidence of knowing that the specific Investment Management Firms selected are dedicated to helping you to achieve your financial goals.


Are You Ready to Invest in Your Future?

If you want to identify clear financial goals and make knowledgeable investment decisions, you have an important choice to make. You can go it alone or you can choose to work with a team of financial professionals with a disciplined and rigorous decision-making process. When you are ready to commit to having a team of some of the industry's most talented investment professionals back you up, we're ready to work with you.

The next move is yours. Simply schedule an appointment to meet with Tim McFall and complete your Discovery Workbook. It's the first step to investing in your future.