Long Term Care

David Cameron Long Term Care SpecialistDavid Clemons is an independent Long Term Care Insurance Agent serving the states of Washington, Idaho and Oregon. He is known for his in-depth knowledge and straightforward approach to helping people understand practical and affordable solutions for their long term care needs. David can help assess your long term care requirements and choose an appropriate insurance strategy to help protect your financial independence and maintain your financial security.

In addition to individual consultations, David regularly conducts seminars to provide consumers with the knowledge required to effectively plan for long term care.

Family experiences with long term care issues drove home the importance of early planning. David's approach to long term care insurance is to educate, inform, and present all available options to help you get the long term care facts you need.

Active in industry and community organizations, David is a member of organizations such as Kiros and Northend Senior Care Coalition. David is a graduate of the University of Idaho.

David’s Commitment to You

“My mission is to help educate as well as protect consumers from the potentially significant financial and psychological costs of needing long term care. It is my goal to help families and individuals make well-informed choices when it comes to protecting their financial future. Not everyone realizes that long term care planning should take place before they reach a point where they become uninsurable.I am committed to helping you and your loved ones make your own well-informed choices regarding this complex subject while you are still active and healthy enough to act.”

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