Your Retirement Captain

Think of your retirement fund as a sleek yacht to keep you afloat and comfortable during your golden years. Let's christen it the Tranquility. You build your retirement fund as you take a cruise through the financial oceans all around you.

Tim McFall is your financial “Captain” who powers the Tranquility according to your wishes. As your faithful captain, Tim asks these questions before every cruise:

  • Can you describe your perfect voyage? That is, what do you want your retirement to look like?
  • What is your destination? That is, what are your financial goals?
  • What kind of sea conditions can you withstand? Which is, how much risk can you take?
  • When do you want to arrive? That is, when do you want to retire?
  • What kind of shape do you want your yacht to be in when you pass it on to your heirs? You may want a bigger yacht to pass on. Or a smaller yacht after a fuller retirement.

Tim studies weather patterns (past performance), oceans (financial markets), and routes (levels of risk). He combines this information with your goals and risk tolerance to present financial strategies to help you get where you want to go.

Tim helps you understand the advantages and disadvantages of various financial options. A higher risk route could help you reach your destination sooner. Yet the “narrow straits” might make the ride too worrisome to enjoy the cruise!

Most of Tim's clients would rather enjoy the cruise than spend time in the engine room changing the oil.

Tim never forgets that YOU are the owner of the Tranquility! Tim won't take your boat to the Atlantic if you want to go to the South Pacific. You make all the final investment decisions.* And only after you are comfortable with your understanding of your options.

Yet reaching your financial destination isn't always a smooth journey. Sometimes storms are on the horizon and sometimes you find yourself in the eye of the storm.

The financial meltdown of 2008 was one such financial storm. A time when many stock brokers wouldn't return client calls and many advisors got a queasy feeling whenever client statements got mailed. Not so with Tim. For his clients, he was steady at the helm.

During these difficult days in 2008, Tim studied what was going on and how it might affect different investments. He didn't wait for the phone to ring. Rather, Tim and the staff at U.S. Capital Strategies called clients to schedule a telephone call or an office meeting. Most clients took advantage of this opportunity and scheduled a meeting to hear Tim's views on the situation. Some changed investment allocations to adjust their market risk and avoid being heavily impacted. And some just wanted to vent!

Tim helped reassure his clients during this difficult period. By facing the financial storm head-on Tim attempted to calm their fears. He tried to help his clients avoid hitting the panic button unnecessarily.

Tim makes a habit of staying in contact with his clients. He likes to keep them informed on what's going on in the markets. He also likes to know what's going on in their lives. Consistent and clear communication allows for clear sailing even through stormy seas.

Tim McFall your retirement navigatorAs a financial adviser since 1985, Tim McFall has been the captain of many, many retirement yachts. Some for all 33 years. Call U.S. Capital Strategies today and consider making Tim the captain of your retirement yacht!

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*Except for situations when clients choose to allow discretionary trading in their fee-based accounts.